Reliable Log Book Servicing North Brisbane

Keep your car running in optimal condition with our expert log book servicing

Invest in reliable log book servicing in North Brisbane. Your log book is a guide to the components and fluids that need checking or changing at specific intervals, and acts as a record of the servicing that has been completed on your car. If you have a new car, log book servicing keeps your car under warranty.

The majority of Australians don’t service their cars at regular six month intervals, which leads to unnecessary wear and tear. In the long run, fixing a car that hasn’t been well-maintained can be very expensive – not to mention the safety issues that could go unnoticed. Regular maintenance with an up-to-date log book protects your vehicle’s resale value, so you get the best return when it comes time to sell.

Our reliable log book servicing in North Brisbane is done to manufacturer’s specifications, which keeps your vehicle covered by its manufacturer’s warranty. Many people believe they must have their log book servicing completed at an authorised dealer to keep the new car warranty. In fact, under Australian law you can choose to have your log book servicing completed at any qualified service centre – and A1 Brakes Specialist & Mechanical are qualified and experienced, with friendly customer service that will have you coming back.

A1 Brakes Specialist & Mechanical Offers Reliable Log Book Servicing North Brisbane

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