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Here at A1 Brakes Specialist & Mechanical, we know brakes. By far the most important safety feature on your car, there can be no compromise when it comes to choosing an experienced specialist to diagnose and repair any issues with your brakes. We offer affordable and reliable brake repairs in North Brisbane and surrounding suburbs.

Most brake issues are first noticed when the car begins to make a noise, vibrate excessively, or pull to one side while braking. Continuing to drive with brakes in bad repair is not only dangerous – it can cost you much more in the long run. If you catch the problem early, the solution can be relatively simple; But if the problem is allowed to continue, it could become far more serious.

We have the biggest range of quality brake parts available to give you optimum stopping power – just as you would expect from the brake specialists. You’ll get safer, smoother, stopping, and save money in the long run with our reliable brake repairs in North Brisbane.

A1 Brakes Specialist & Mechanical Offers Reliable Brake Repairs North Brisbane

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